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Pet Movers Quarantine Station, Singapore - FAQS
Can Pet Movers deliver my pet/s to my home after discharge? How long is the quarantine period & when does the time start? Cats and dogs, with the exception .

Moving to Hawaii with your pet - Hawaii Animal Quarantine - Learn ...
Jul 21, 2009 . While four months is a long time not to have your pet with you, visiting the quarantine station is encouraged. Go a step farther and volunteer .

Has anyone ever taken a pet (dog) from the USA to Australia?
We are worried about the welfare of the animals for such a long trip and . I have heard of people doing it and they were happy to have their pet in quarantine but .

How long do you quarantine a dog for rabies
How long do you quarantine a dog for rabies? . How long can a dog survive with rabies? . As soon as the dog is bitten by a rabid animal it has the disease.

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Pet Importation-Hawaii
Overview: Hawaii has approved a new pet quarantine program where pets may be . The pre-arrival waiting period is necessary due to the long and variable .

Pet Travel International, Animal Quarantine, Import Pets
Regulations for Importing Pets, Customs and Pet Quarantine Restrictions . Tattoos applied before July 3, 2011 remain valid as long as they are clearly readable .


Official Site of Korea Tourism Org.: Traveling with pets
3. Animal Quarantine Period • Animals 90 days old or older - Successful microchip implantation, and rabies-neutralizing antibody level of 0.5IU/ml or higher (as .

Countries That Quarantine Pets - Dogs -
A list of the countries that will keep your pet in quarantine before entering.

Migrating Your Pet to Australia. Dog and Cat Exporting
How long your pet will spend in quarantine depends on which country you are coming from, but, for example, it's just one month when coming from the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions - Department of Agriculture, Fisheries ...
How much will it cost me to bring my cat or dog to Australia? Current AQIS import . How long must my cat or dog be in Australian quarantine? The length of time .

Pet Immigration Rules Japan - Pet Passports Japan - Pet Travel
Pet Immigration Rules Japan - Pet Passports Japan - Pet Quarantine Information . Please bear in mind that even when a long quarantine period is necessary, .

Taking a Dog or Cat to Australia - a guide for migrants
Jan 1, 2012 . Migrants guide to taking a dog or cat into Australia; What does it cost? . Permit to import, Veterinary Certifcates and AQIS quarantine periods. . It may seem a daunting prospect, with health checks and a long haul flight but .


Moving to france with my dog? - Yahoo! Answers
Quarantine is for the UK, to stop rabbies from having a foothold in the island. In France you do not have any quarantine as long as the dog has .

Rabies Facts & Prevention Tips
There is no way to test for rabies infection in a live animal. . weeks, but it can be as little as nine days or as long as several years in some rare cases. . The quarantine is set at 10 days because a rabies-infected animal can only transmit the .

?????/Dogs & Cats departure
For this reason, please contact the Animal Quarantine Service where your animal will undergo export quarantine as soon as your export plans have been .

Kennel Cough
Although the kennel cough infectious agents don't last long in the environment, . We will also ask that you quarantine your dog at home for the duration of the .

F.A.Q - Qualified Pet Services
Q: How long will my cat(s)/dog(s) need to stay in quarantine? A: Their length of stay in quarantine depends on where they are coming from. As a guide, most .

Dogs and Cats from regions OTHER THAN designated regions
On arrival in Japan, dogs and cats must undergo import quarantine for a set period . Please bear in mind that even when a long quarantine period is necessary, .

Q&A for pet travel scheme
On 30 June 2011, Ministers announced changes to the UK's Pet Travel Scheme which will apply from the 1 January 2012. . Q5: Why the old rules changed?


How long does a dog have to be quarantined to be able to travel to ...
I was asked this today by someone. I did not know they even had to be. . Hawaii has very strict quarantine laws. There is a 5 day or less quarantine that you can .

Importing Pets into Japan
should not take a long time. If the conditions are not met, detention (up to 180 days) at an Animal Quarantine Station will be required. All foxes, raccoons and .

Byford Animal Quarantine Station, Perth - Department of Agriculture ...
DAFF Home; » AQIS Home; » Bringing Cats and Dogs (and other pets) to Australia; » Quarantine station accommodation & fees; » Byford Quarantine Station .

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Travelling with pets « Defra
Jan 1, 2012 . Pet travel rules changed on 1 January 2012 when the UK brought its . country in the world without quarantine provided they meet the rules of .

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    Owners are required to pay for the quarantine period which is $12 per day. Owners can pick up their dog after the quarantine period as long as the dog is not .

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Eastern Creek Animal Quarantine Station, Sydney - Department of ...
DAFF Home; » AQIS Home; » Bringing Cats and Dogs (and other pets) to Australia; » Quarantine station accommodation & fees; » Eastern Creek Quarantine .

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